What impact did the peloponnesian war have on the greek

There was a section of Greece near …Corinth, an isolated section called Peloponnesia. Pericles, the leader of Athens during the Golden Age, was among the victims. The fortification of Decelea prevented the shipment of supplies overland to Athens, and forced all supplies to be brought in by sea at increased expense.

Its empire began as a small group of city-states, called the Delian League —from the island of Deloson which they kept their treasury—that came together to ensure that the Greco-Persian Wars were truly over.

In the battle, the Athenians obliterated the Spartan fleet, and succeeded in re-establishing the financial basis of the Athenian Empire.

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In order to uphold the Thirty Years' Peace, however, the Athenians were instructed not to intervene in the battle unless it was clear that Corinth was going to press onward to invade Corcyra.

The Greeks decided to deploy a force of about 7, men at the narrow pass of Thermopylae and a force of ships under Themistocles at Artemisium. While this invasion deprived Athenians of the productive land around their city, Athens itself was able to maintain access to the sea, and did not suffer much.

The league had mixed success, and in bce the Peace of Callias finally ended the hostilities between Athens and its allies and Persia. The Persian Wars lasted for fifty years, and brought the Persiansto accept that the Greek city-states would be independent.

In BC, the oligarchs were overthrown and a democracy was restored by Thrasybulus. During the Peloponnesian War, he fought in several battles and received commendation for his actions. The Ionian states that rebelled expected protection, and many rejoined the Athenian side.

This made the Peloponnesian war critically impactful on Greek society, life and culture both in the 5th century BCE when it took place and in the centuries to come as ultimately that freedom and autonomy was lost by external powers.

The Syracusans sent their fleet to the Peloponnesians, and the Persians decided to support the Spartans with money and ships. In bce the Greek city-states on the western coast of Anatolia rose up in rebellion against Persia.

The Peloponnesian War

The secure port allowed them to launch amphibious raids on their… opponents. They were supported in this by Argosa powerful state within the Peloponnese that had remained independent of Lacedaemon.

The Battle of Mantinea was the largest land battle fought within Greece during the Peloponnesian War. The Academy among the first organized institutions of higher education in the Western world. Revolt and faction threatened in Athens itself.

But, due to bad weather, the Athenians were unable to rescue their stranded crews or to finish off the Spartan fleet. Sorry, you are wrong, and don't try to insult my intelligence by saying I can't think for myself. After boasting that he could put an end to the affair in the Assembly, the inexperienced Cleon won a great victory at the Battle of Sphacteria.

This was a reactionary regime set up by Sparta. While the Spartans refrained from action themselves, some of their allies began to talk of revolt.

Thucydides later suggested that the Spartans feared the Athenians would switch sides once the Athenians were inside the Spartan city walls. Many excellent historians have discussed the causes of the Peloponnesian War (), and many more will do so, but Thucydides, who lived at the time of the war, should be the first place you look.

Greco-Persian Wars

Importance of the Peloponnesian War. What impact did the outcome of the Peloponnesian War have on Greece? The Greek empire doubled in size.


The Greek empire split, granting Sparta independence. The Greek Golden Age started to come to an end. The military strength of Greece increased/5(9). Start studying Greece's Golden Age. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


What impact did the outcome of the Peloponnesian War have on Greece? A. The Greek empire doubled in size. The Greek empire split, granting Sparta independence. C. The Greek Golden Age started to come to an end. D. The. What impact did the outcome of the Peloponnesian War have on Greece?

The Greek Golden Age started to come to an end. How did the political system of ancient Athens differ from the political system of the United States today? the Peloponnesian War by demonstrating that Athens was a significant military force in its own right.

Whereas Sparta, in the southernmost region of the Greek mainland, had no. What Impact Did The Peloponnesian War Have On The Greek. Why did Athens lose the Peloponnesian Wars? What impact did the wars have on Greece?

A good portion of blame for Athens losing the Peloponnesian Wars can be laid at the feet of two men: Alcibiades and the Spartan king, Lysander. Alcibiades was the nephew of Pericles.

What impact did the peloponnesian war have on the greek
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What was the impact of the Peloponnesian War