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We wanted to establish what the responsibilities and duties of the European Council actually are and give an unambiguous picture of what its functions in the mechanism of the system of the European Union are. Although the importance of the other European institutions should not be understated as the Union would cease to function without the work and input that each institution provides.

The new spirit of cooperation aimed to bring about a new era of peace and prosperity across Europe. Essay on abetment under ipcw student reflection essay child marriage essay in kannada.

The rules for Consultative Status for INGOs appended to the resolution 93 38 "On relation between the Council of Europe and non-governmental organisations ", adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 18 October at the th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies.

The fact the next European Council The european council essay was referred to as the next opportunity to sort things out rather than the next Council of Ministers or European Commission meetings shows that the European Council is now the main institution within the European.

The European Council works on maintaining external relations with other major global economic powers such as the US, China and Russia. They hear reports from the European Commission regarding the progress of negotiations the European Council then decides whether the discussions have been successfully concluded.

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It has organised the regional UN conferences against racism and on women and co-operates with the United Nations at many levels, in particular in the areas of human rights, minorities, migration and counter-terrorism.

This also shows that the balance of power between the institutions is debatable. The Council of Europe is not to be confused with the European Union itself. Although it does not have legislative powers it still carries a lot of weight in the decision making and the ultimate development and direction of the Union.

Step 1 was declarations which the Euro Council made which gave them more power, such as the declarations made in London and Stuggart in and respectively. Furthermore we will discuss and examine the responsibilities the European Council now has and the role it plays in the governance of the Union.

The current president of the European Council is Herman Van Rompuy a former Belgian prime minister, his roles and responsibilities are however somewhat vague. The other institutions also play a role in international relations, such as the European Commission who represent the European Union at United Nations meetings, informal discussions between the EU and the USA over world agricultural trade, and also represents Europe in the World Trade Organisation.

These guidelines are then passed on to the Council of Ministers who then work towards an agreement within the guidelines set out.

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The final and sixth step came in the form of the Lisbon Treaty when the European Council was established as a fully-fledged institution of the European Union. Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects the right to freedom of association, which is also a fundamental norm for NGOs.

We wanted to try and assess how powerful the position of the European Council is in relation to the other institutions such as the European Commission and the Council of Ministers. There are also concerns about consistency in case law — the European Court of Justice the EU's court in Luxembourg is treating the Convention as part of the legal system of all EU member states in order to prevent conflict between its judgements and those of the European Court of Human Rights the court in Strasbourg interpreting the Convention.

Over the years a process of constitutionalisation began with regards to power and position of the European Council, this happened in six steps. To avoid confusion with the European Union which subsequently adopted the same flag in the s, as well as other European institutions, the Council of Europe often uses a modified version with a lower-case "e" surrounding the stars which is referred to as the "Council of Europe Logo".

On 19 November the Committee of Ministers changed the consultative status into a participatory status, "considering that it is indispensable that the rules governing the relations between the Council of Europe and NGOs evolve to reflect the active participation of international non-governmental organisations INGOs in the Organisation's policy and work programme".

On 17 Octoberthe General Assembly of the United Nations approved a resolution on granting observer status to the Council of Europe which was proposed by several member states of the CoE.

The Council is the main decision-making body of the European Union.

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The ministers of the Member States meet within the Council of the European Union. Depending on the issues on the agenda, each country is represented by the minister responsible for that subject (foreign affairs, finance, social affairs, transport, agriculture, etc.).

Essay on The European Union is a Strong and Powerful Organization - The Europea n Union is certainly one of the most powerful and organized organisations in the world, nowadays, it regroups about millions people all over 28 countries in the European.

The Council of Europe's most famous achievement is the European Convention on Human Rights, which was adopted in following a report by the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly, and followed on from the United Nations 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' (UDHR).

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The Council Of The European Union Law European Essay. Daryl Fitzsimons. MRH2. The European Union is made up of 27 member states, mainly consisting of countries in Europe.

It acts as an economic and political bond. The Treaty of Paris was finalised in by the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and Luxembourg.

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