Summary of a night in the hills by paz marquez benitez

Ricardo Torres, mail-order Datum: It was a sensitive, well-mannered dream which nevertheless grew in its quiet way. Gerardo is tired and sweaty, and he asks for water, which, according to Ambo is ten minutes away. Nothing can possibly take it away.

He never mentioned the dream again. Then he scooped up some of the water. He had proudly told Gerardo that the orchid season had been good and had netted him over a thousand pesos.


On his way out with the keys in his hand he saw her at the head of the stairs anxiously lingering. Ambo and Gerardo go to the hills, and it is among the foothills where they spend noontime.

All along, Alfredo thought that he loves Julia but at the moment when Alfredo stares at Julia and touches her hand last paragraphshe realizes that the feeling has gone.

Paz Márquez-Benítez

The air was chilly. He had a fleeting thought of God. Gerardo had listened with his prominent eyes staring and with thrills coursing through his spare body. He hastily placed four more logs on the fire and retreated to his tent.

What was not within the life span could not be memories. There were noises now where before had seemed only the silence itself. At the foot sheltered by an overhanging fern-covered rock was what at first seemed only a wetness.

The mother exclaims, ironically, as the neighbors comfort her, "I'll fergive her. If I can revise a part of the story it would be the ending, because the ending was mysterious.

Naturalism is dominated by the idea of http: Jimmie- a young boy, Maggie and Tommie's brother, who first appears in the beginning scene fighting a gang war of some sort with the Rum Alley Children.

After supper he spent quite a time picking his teeth meditatively, thinking of this and that. A song in the hills would only add to the lonesomeness a hundredfold.

He looked about him at the sleeping men huddled together and doubled up for warmth. He lay listening to the forest and sensing the darkness.

― Paz Marquez Benitez, Dead Stars. 13 likes. Like “Love—he seemed to have missed it. Or was the love that others told about a mere fabrication of perfervid imagination, an exaggeration of the commonplace, a glorification of insipid monotonies such as made up his love life?

Was love a combination of circumstances, or sheer native capacity /5. DEAD STARS by Paz Marquez Benitez Summary Dead Star is a love story about a man named Alfredo Salazar,who has his fiance in the person of Esperanza and they have been engaged for quite some time.

Nov 11,  · A Night in the Hills is a short story written by Paz Marquez Benitez. The summary of the short story is about a jewelry store salesman who always dreamed of living in a forest.

The small key 1. PAZ M. LATORENA 2. Pedro Buhay- husband of Soledad, also known as Indo.

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Soledad- wife of Pedro Buhay, also known as Choleng. Tia Maria- housemaid of Indo and Choleng. Dr. Santos- doctor of Soledad. A Night in the Hills By Paz Marquez-Benitez A critical research paper Written by Maria Grace Virginia T.

A Night in the Hills Essay

Tingson From UST CFAD-1AD8 A night in the Hills is a short story written by Paz Marquez Benitez. Search Results for 'summary of night in the hills by paz marquez benitez' Dream NVM Gonzales He was born on 8 September in Romblon, Philippines.

Summary of a night in the hills by paz marquez benitez
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What is the summary of the story A Night in the Hills by Paz Marquez Benitez