A day of learning at the museum

Call with a school purchase order number, or mail it to us on school letterhead. No registration is required, but please submit an RSVP. The project is aimed at Years but interest from Year will be considered. Or, contact us at groupsales pleasetouchmuseum.

We are one of the unique museums that focus on subjects such as dinosaurs, early settlement, and past living conditions. Please Touch Museum offers tours and resources for educators looking to customize a trip to the Museum.

Science Week April-May Visit our sponsor page to see more of our Sponsors and learn more about being a vital part of our success.

Museum to host Family Day

What has changed since then. Our events are planned with these goals in mind and always aim to teach those in attendance the history of the Black Hills and the Native American culture. Float Your Boat - Students ages 7 and up will learn what it takes to construct a boat that floats and do a short science experiment in this classroom session presented by Central Texas Discover Engineering.

Pictures for the American People. Please have your school purchase order number ready. Please Touch Museum engages children and adults in discovering the world around them through a variety of educational opportunities in the Museum, offsite and online. Between 6 and 32 pupils may take part per school, and we expect to be able to work with five different schools.

For more information, call Garrett Barmore, museum curator at the W. Check out spaces little ones have only dreamt of exploring like a giant submarine, locomotive or even outer space. By popular demand, reserve a seat in a class in advance for a small fee.

We hope you will use these materials and share your lesson refinements and student responses with Norman Rockwell Museum. Journey through and learn about not only Black Hills history, but the history of our species.

Learning is only limited by your imagination when families visit these spots. Discover why more thantiny glass beads travelled from France to North American on explorer La Salle's expedition, and make your own strand of beads to take home.

Homeschool Day

Read the rest of the issue. Amazing Adaptations - How do humpback whales swim, float, and stay warm as they live their lives in the oceans. Just drop in from To discuss how we can work with you, please contact: Attend a spectacular chemical energy display.

These interdisciplinary lessons and activities are flexible and can easily be altered based on the interests, questions, and responses of your students. Team Building Program Information: Children can put themselves in a real-life Honey, I Shrunk The Kids scenario and get a close-up view of the insect world in the Underground Adventure, learn the story of Sue in the Waking the T.

Take a look at our calendar of events for a wide variety of events that will entertain any age 5 to Sheppard Contemporary in Church Fine Arts is showing three exhibitions of contemporary art including prints and paintings, extra-large colorful contemporary rugs from Faig Ahmed, and video work by collaborative artist Mwangi Hutter.

The Botanic Garden also offers cooking, art and gardening classes for kids of all ages. Participating teachers will co-plan with project with other local education and science professionals, informed by training in the autumn term and supported by an advisory group including a Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow, SEERIH and the Museum.

Outdoor Adventures All ages with adult caregiver Participate in guided and self-guided outdoor play experiences in our Please Touch Garden, including water activities and programming connected to nature. Story Time does not require a ticket. This is a great opportunity for an NQT or RQT looking to enhance their science teaching, or for a more experienced teacher looking to develop their practice beyond the classroom.

Production days at the Museum June We also offer professional development workshops for educators, focusing on play-based education. Full Day Programs. Grades JK, Visual Arts Program: Combine your visit to the Bata Shoe Museum with a trip to the Gardiner Museum.

Gain inspiration from the shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum in the morning, and then take your class to the Gardiner Museum in the afternoon to make a clay shoe. The museum is nicely setup and it feels like you are stepping into a second home of Yankee Stadium. I took a group of 8 people and we all enjoyed it.

The one gentleman with us had no idea how many accolades Yogi Berra has had in his career and life. We kicked off the first session of the day with Karen Adams, a volunteer who shared her knowledge about dinos, digs and her recent work in Canada. After learning all there is to know about Tyrannosaurs, we made our way down to the Museum's new exhibition to explore the various species of the Tyrannosaur family.

A Day of Learning at the Milwaukee Art Museum & Discovery World May 16 The fifth graders had a great time learning at the Milwaukee Art Museum & Discovery World.

Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center is an interactive children’s museum with three levels of twelve hands-on museum studios best suited for ages 2 to 8. SAM provides creative learning opportunities for students and educators that ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and develop environments that are rigorous, inclusive, and collaborative.

Aligned with State and Common Core Standards, SAM’s resources and experiences contribute to .

A day of learning at the museum
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At Holocaust Museum, a day of learning for Phila. police recruits